Code: ABS-65

ABS-65 is an environmentally friendly waterborne emulsion used for base stabilization in road building. Our ABS-65 binds the base components together, creating a stronger longer lasting roadway. This proven stabilizer is compatible with all base materials and is an economical alternative rather than hauling in base material. Also ABS-65 can be utilized when recycling an existing road to reduce time, cost, and environmental impact. ABS-65 is an ideal choice for any pavement based application and is the first step to consider when constructing or rebuilding a roadway.


  1. Blade asphalt surface to a depth of 6 inches, 8 inches on heavy load areas.
  2. Apply the diluted ABS-65 to the road base and mix thoroughly with the blade at a rate of .7 gallons per square yard to 1.5 gallons per square yard.
  3. Repeat step 2 once again.
  4. Start laying down the base in 2 inch lifts, compact with a sheep’s foot, rubber tire, or flat wheel vibrating compactor.
  5. Complete final blade work to road.
  6. Finish treated surface with steel roller wheel.
  7. If desired 1 part ABS-65 to 2-5 parts water may be sprayed for a fog seal prime.
  8. Allow a 48hr cure time before applying the final riding surface.