Code: ARE-68

ARE-68 is a cold recycling emulsion designed to restore asphalt based roads. Our ARE-68 is designed to be used in a pugmill style mixer. Once mixed with the old pavement millings, maltine fractions in the ARE-68 restore the lost properties in the oxidized asphalt. This process allows for a quick, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional road rebuilding processes. ARE-68 offer a long lasting solution for your area’s deteriorating roads


  1. Recycle or mill current asphalt to a depth of 6-8 inches.
  2. During the milling process inject .65-1.25 gallons per square yards ARE-68 into the pugmill. If mill does not allow step 2, apply via distributor truck and mix thoroughly through the pugmill.
  3. Start laying down the road base in 2 inch lifts and compact with a sheep’s foot, rubber tire, or flat wheel vibrating compactor.
  4. Complete final blade work to road.
  5. Finish treated surface with steel roller wheel.
  6. Apply diluted MCS-600 on top for a fog seal prime.
  7. Allow a 48hr cure time before applying the final riding surface.