Code: COS-50

COS-50 is an environmentally friendly, non-tracking membrane for seal coat pavements. Our COS-50 forms a high density matrix coating protecting the pavement. This matrix encapsulates and binds all of the aggregates together, forming a water resistant membrane. Once applied properly the COS-50 will extend the roadway for an additional 2 years and provide the following benefits:
-Lower pothole maintenance
-Water & freeze thaw resistant surface
-Eliminates flying aggregate problems
-Seals surface cracks


  1. Spray COS-50 from a distributor truck at a rate of .45 gallons per sq yard.
  2. Allow 30 min to 2 hrs to completely cure, treated road may be opened for traffic after 30 min if humidity is below 50%
  3. COS-50 may be heated and applied at a temperature of 145F-185F for a quicker drying time.
  4. For best results do not use in the rain!