Code: DUST-X

Dust-X is a cationic based emulsion formulated to control fugitive dust emissions. Dust-X is an environmentally friendly material specialized for unpaved road applications. The product works by bonding dust and aggregate particles together resembling a paved surface that has superior load bearing qualities. Treating an unpaved road with Dust-X will prevent problems such as erosion, dust containment, and wet weather damage that typically overwhelm rural areas.


  1. Apply with water via distributor truck according to the guide line below at a rate of .15=.2 gallons per sq yard.
  2. Allow Dust-X to fully cure before opening the road to any traffic

    1st Application-1 part Dust-x to 7-8 parts water

    2nd Application-2 weeks later 1 part Dust-X to 5-7 parts water

    3rd Application-1-3 months later, 1 part Dust-X to 3-5 parts water

    4th Application-4-9 months later, 1 part Dust-X to 3-5 parts water

    5th Application-12 months or as needed due to traffic 1 part Dust-X to 3-5 parts water

    *After this process you will have a stabile base for a final surface