Code: HPCPE-50

HPCPE-50, is a High Performance Cold Patch Emulsion designed to be used in pothole patching equipment. HPCPE-50 was designed with the same to have the same purpose as our PHPM-50, but if features nonclogging properties that make it suitable for use in any pothole patching machine. Not only is HPCPE-50 environmentally friendly in comparison to all the cutback materials; it is economically priced and eliminates the burden of keeping heated tanks on site.


  1. Completely drain in existing material out of the pothole patching tank.
  2. Clean the pothole patching tank with an approved solvent
  3. Remove cleaning solvent and any residue and store in you approved holding tank.
  4. Fill the now cleaned pothole patching tank with the HPCPE-50.
  5. Apply the HPCPE-50 at a rate of 18- 20 gallons per cubic yard of desired aggregate.

    * 6 month storage life

    * Compatible with Injection or Pump style equipment

    * Performs in hot or cold climates