Code: MCS-600

MCS-600C is a scientifically designed prime for unpaved road surfaces. MSC-600C has also been formulated to control dust emissions while stabilizing the road. Once applied, it saturates the surface and bonds all the loose particles together creating a durable waterproof surface that resembles a paved road. MSC- 600C is an environmentally friendly product that will reduce you rural road maintenance and will aid in keeping your roads intact after heavy rains.


  1. Blade the surface smooth and compact where necessary.
  2. Apply the diluted MCS-600 at a rate of .10-.15 gallons per sq yard via a distributor truck
  3. For heavy traffic loads, repeat step 2
  4. Allow the material to dry before reopening the road

  1. Blade surface smooth and compact where necessary
  2. For unpaved roads dilute 1 part MCS-600C to 5-12 parts water, on high dust roads dilute at 7-12 parts water.
  3. Apply with a distributor truck and allow material to dry before reopening the road.