Code: MOS-50

MOS-50 is our parking Lot Sealer. It features a liquid membrane designed to spray over existing asphalt parking surfaces for rejuvenation purposes. Once applied, our MOS-50 completely seals any cracks and binds all loose aggregate on the deteriorating surface providing a tighter, crack free, water proof surface. This material is easily applied via a distributor truck, hand wand, and or squeegee. MOS-50 is environmentally friendly containing no cold tar. It has also been approved by UL, passing all standards to be in contact with drinking water.


  1. Repair area affected by potholes.
  2. Remove all debris via street sweeper, or hand sweep.
  3. Apply at a rate of .12-.18 gallons per sq yd via distributor truck, hand wand, or hand squeegee.
  4. Allow 24hrs for a full cure before reopening the lot for use.
  5. After lot is completed completely clean the tank with water and approved solvent.