Code: PHPM-50

PHPM-50 is an environmentally friendly alternative for pothole tack. It features a non-tracking membrane that is applied to the bottom, sides and finished surface of potholes. Our PHPM-50 is composed of a liquid Geo-Tech membrane that not only extends the life of the patch, but also promotes adhesion for the patch mix and the existing surface. PHPM-50 is easily applied by spray on or broom on methods and is compatible with both cold and hot mix patching methods.


  1. Thoroughly clean and remove any debris and or water from the pothole.
  2. Cut the sides of the pothole with a pavement saw to square the hole.
  3. Clean the pothole once again.
  4. Apply the PHPM-50 to the bottom and sides of the pothole. Overlap the top edges at least 2 inches.
  5. Fill the pothole with the patching mix and compact with desired compaction method.
  6. Once the patch is compacted, apply the final coat of PHPM-50 to the finished surface. Extend material at least 4 inches beyond patch edge.
  7. Allow 5 minutes for drying time. Do not use in the rain!